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Past Life Regression Therapy

Christine is an expert Past Life Regression Therapist, and has helped many people to reconcile seemingly impossible situations using this healing method.

It is essential that when you choose Past Life Regression Therapy you are in the hands of a competent and caring professional such as Christine, who will explain each step of the process to you so that you can be sure the experience is both rewarding and beneficial.

Past Life Regression offers an opportunity to become more familiar with the part of yourself that seems unfathomable. To re-visit a time when you have lived a different life, this in turn can offer a greater sense of peace and stability, and the ability to reconcile difficult situations which exist in this lifetime for no apparent reason.

When used in a therapeutic setting, Past Life Regression offers us the opportunity to “Go Beyond” our normal limitations and reach into other lives which can often hold the key to issues which still persist now.

Past Life Regression Therapy can help us to pinpoint our correct career path, help us to understand why we choose certain partners in love, our relationships with our children and family, and even our attitude to money.

When unravelling the mysteries of our past lives, we can then begin to resolve the issues which trouble us and finally take control of them and move forward.

The greatest gift of Past Life Regression Therapy is that it empowers us with the knowledge so often missing in this lifetime and gives us the freedom to make the best of the life we are living now.

Belief in past lives is not necessary – the only requirement is an open mind!

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