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I am a registered IBS therapist and have been for many years click here for more info.

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About Christine

Christine is a highly qualified Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Hypnoanalyst and IBS therapist working in Berkshire and Hertfortshire.

She has also trained in Educational Kinesiology, EFT, NLP, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Symbio-Dynamics, and Master Teacher level in Reiki.

Apart from being an expert in her field with impressive qualifications, it is her ability to connect with her clients and really understand them which makes her stand out.

Christine’s reputation as an understanding and compassionate therapist and an excellent professional for many years, means that she frequently recommended by her clients and is often fully booked with a waiting list.

Christine is a specialist in Panic Attacks, Depression, Anxiety,  Self Esteem issues,  Confidence Building, Stress Management and IBS.

She is also affiliated with a GP practice in Ascot, Berkshire and volunteers at a Children’s Hospice in London using her skills in Reiki.

Christine’s qualifications are recognised by the following professional bodies:


The Hypnotherapy Association

National Council of Psychotherapists


UK Reiki Federation

NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners

IBS Register of Complementary Therapists


Dementia Therapy Specialists (DTS)

The Silent Cry – a charity dedicated to sufferers of self harm.

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